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2-1.pngAdvantages and Key Features 
The Aluminum Slat is made of Aluminum Extrusions, it is tension resistant with high durability, good elongation and stable quality. The slats are appealing, with superior quality, clear steam-lined designs make applications easy, provided with anti-rust features.

Fast and Silent 
Direct current drive, noise proof designs, makes the door faster and quieter than most doors on the market.
Safety Features 

The Roller Door will Automatically reverse upwards when met by an obstacle; it will also stop immediately if any obstructions occur while the door is rising upwards
Automatic Lighting 
Includes lighting features and remote control accessories. When opening or closing the Roller Door, the auto lighting installations will actively switch on for 60 secs

Safety Mode 
Easily turns to manual release functions or as uninterrupted power supply system during blackouts. Thanks to its special features, it can open and close easily, providing high safety in case of any emergencies.
Outstanding Network Expansions 
Can be connected to the central control system, security alarm, smoke proof siren, electric eye,etc., for a full proof security system

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